Hi!  My name is Ray Miller and I've been a pain relief specialist for over 20 years. My goal has always been to alleviate pain, stress, and fatigue so people can FEEL GOOD and perform at their best in work, sports, and life.

We use multiple techniques and strategies with a focus on the nervous system, because we've discovered that it often holds the key to getting your body to release pain and return to a natural, pain free state. There's no "standard" treatment because we believe that everyone is an individual, so each session is custom tailored to your unique needs.

We created EVOLUTION PXP in order to give a name to what we do because it's something new, a new discipline that takes a holistic approach to pain and stress relief that's scientific yet intuitive and down to earth.

We chose the word "evolution" because our knowledge and understanding of physiology is always evolving, and because our techniques can help you evolve to a pain free, feel-good state. "PXP" stands for pain relief and performance, and the X also symbolizes that your performance is enhanced when you are pain and stress free.

Whether you are an old friend or a new client, our goal is simple: for you to feel better when you leave, with a spring in your step, less stress, and renewed energy to pursue everything you love to do.

Thank you,


“I went to Ray to feel better and get more energy and flexibility. I’ve never had flexibility in my hamstrings. My whole life I’ve been dealing with it, so I just thought I had to live with it. I discovered so many more blessings as his client. Ray has relieved the pain from my hamstrings as well as gotten my non-flexible shoulder moving again.

The benefits of the sessions go way past my expectations. Ray has helped with other muscle stress that I didn’t even know existed. Immediately following my first appointment I felt such a sense of balance and wholeness and after each session I feel so much better!”

- Cyndee Gress - Montclair, NJ

“Three years ago, I started seeing Ray for what turned out to be “frozen shoulder” which had been mis-diagnosed by a reputable orthopedist as bursitis. The orthopedist recommended rest, pain-killers, and anti-inflammatory, none of which helped. Ray helped me get some relief and movement back. In fact, working with Ray was the ONLY thing that helped.

More recently, I was having some back issues and trouble sleeping. Ray used some different techniques, and although I don’t exactly understand the mechanism, I felt better immediately. My sleep improved dramatically, starting that night, and I have not had the problem since.

Ray is caring, skilled and knowledgeable and it is a pleasure to spend time around him. I will be forever grateful for his help.”

- Maria McGarry - Montclair, NJ

“I have experienced incredibly painful and debilitating tension headaches for decades. Recently, I've added tremendous neck and shoulder tightness, pain, and lack of range of motion, as years of computer work and poor posture have caught up with me.

I'm a full-time grad student and mom of two, and I desperately need pain-free motion to function and maintain a good quality of life. I've used a number of modalities throughout the years: acupuncture/acupressure, chiropractic care, myofascial release, and massage. Each offers definite value, but seeing Ray at Evolution PXP is like one-stop shopping: I get a truly holistic approach that incorporates the the best and most effective elements of each of these modalities. And it works immediately.

My first visit I arrived in so much pain I could barely get up the stairs. My neck had locked up and I could barely turn my head. After an hour, I was able to actually function. After several weeks of treatment, I was feeling better than I had in years - I didn't realize how much tension I had been holding in my upper body and head. Not only does Ray approach and release the pain itself, but he educates his clients about small self-care changes, like better stretches and basic supplements, that prevent us from reverting back to the pain state. I am truly grateful to have found Ray and Evolution PXP. ”

- Kathryn Stallings - Montclair, NJ

“I was referred to Ray's practice by my former MT who was moving out-of-state. She couldn't have placed me in better hands. It was clear to me from day 1 that Ray was going to be a tremendous help.

I walked in with years of accumulated stress and tension in my body, having recently dealt with my mother's prolonged illness and subsequent death. I'm also a busy mom to a very energetic and spirited 5-year-old daughter. It is such a comfort to know that whatever the issue is -- whatever my pain level is, I will leave feeling relief...feeling lighter...feeling so much better than when I walked in...more relaxed and restored -- like a new person.

Ray is responsive, present, caring, and compassionate. He is highly skilled, highly intuitive and very tuned in to the needs of his clients.

I am truly grateful to be under his care.”

- Madeleine St. Jacques - Montclair, NJ

"Before I was referred to Ray, I lived with chronic, debilitating neck and upper-shoulder pain. I've been seeing Ray now for over seven years, and with regular treatments, I'm happy to report that I remain pain free. I attribute this to Ray's superior knowledge of anatomy and physiology, combined with therapeutic approaches and techniques that are unique, targeted, and highly effective. If you have physical pain of any kind, you really owe it to yourself to give Ray a try ... you'll be very glad you did".

- Steven Loch - Montclair, NJ


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